Goa Festivals

Goa is a vibrant and colorful state located in the western part of India. It is known for its stunning beaches, nightlife, and festivals. The people of Goa hold various festivals throughout the year to celebrate their culture, traditions, and heritage.

One of the most popular festivals celebrated in Goa is the Shigmo Festival. This festival marks the arrival of spring and is celebrated with traditional pomp and show. People dress up in colorful costumes and take part in parades, processions, music, dance, theatre performances and much more. The streets come alive with activities such as drum-beating, flag hoisting ceremonies, folk dances and local delicacies being shared among friends and families.

The feast of St. Francis Xavier (Feast of Our Lady) is another important religious festival that takes place in Goa every December 3rd. Devotees from all over India visit Old Goa to pay homage to St Francis Xavier who was a Portuguese Jesuit missionary in India during the 16th century. The celebration includes cultural events like street plays, skit performances amongst many others carried out by locals as well as tourists who have come from faraway places to witness this grand occasion.

Carnival is also celebrated with great enthusiasm in Goa every February or March right before Lent begins. This four-day long event includes floats decorated with bright lights floating through the streets accompanied by marching bands playing lively rhythms which makes it an absolute delight for locals and tourists alike! People enjoy themselves at parties held at numerous open-air clubs or participate in masquerade competitions where participants dress up extravagantly for a chance to win exciting prizes!

These are just some of the celebrations that take place on a grand scale in Goa every year! Other exciting festivities include Diwali —the festival of lights—and Christmas celebrations which consist of a variety of festivities such as carol singing, midnight masses, family gatherings where delicious meals are shared amongst loved ones! No matter what time of year you visit -Goa will always be full of life and color when its several festivals come around!